Lyrics © & ℗ 2017 by Frank Denhard, Aachen. All rights reserved. GEMA


Now your tiles lose ground, now your time has come, you carried out your duties, the work is done

You saw people come, you saw people go, if you could speak you´d tell stories long ago


The ravages of time nibble on your tiles

Here they come to close your files

You saw love and hate, you bore misery

You yourself turned into living history


Gallons of water went through your veins, washing off the mud of time like heavy rains

Covered mysteries beneath your skin, come to daylight and tell us what has been


The ravages of time nibbled on your tiles

Now they will open your secret files

Now you´ve got to drop that mask

For now you´ll get a second chance


Years ago you´ve been all the rage, now they pimp you for the modern age

They breathe new life into your walls, they treat you to some shiny palls


Ravages of time will nibble on your tiles

To write new stories for your files

Time and tide wait for no man

Until again your walls will be dark and tan