Lyrics © & ℗ 2017 by Frank Denhard, Aachen. All rights reserved. GEMA


People who mean it well, people who ignore

Pressing you all the time to settle the score

Appointments, deadlines, dates, and terms, you are lined with stress

One date´s chasing another, I couldn´t care less


You nearly get a heart attack, you´re nearly cracking up

Now it´s time for a break, it´s time to stop


Leisure time turns into stress, you badly need some rest

You´re in transit all the time tryin´ to do your best

Always one who tells you what, tells you what to do

On the job, on TV, even on the loo


You can´t take time to take time, you´re standing on a crutch

What is big, what is slight, well everything´s too much


Can´t appreciate what you´ve got, achieving more and more

Eating much, much too much, you can´t pass the door

Neither friend nor foe leave you alone, bugging you so much

Sometimes you feel crushed, take shelter in a hutch


So many choices, many things, so much to do

Just remember you pull the strings, it´s up to you